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Usifu Jalloh Cowfoot Prince

Usifu Jalloh. Born in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone, Usifu is an energetic, funny, and deeply inspiring storytelling performer. Sierra Leone’s Excellence Award winner ..



I’m a storyteller from Sierra Leone. I am called the Cowfoot Prince because part of my nationality is Fulani. The Fulani people are nomads who raise cattle in Sierra Leone, Guinea – right across Africa. That’s how I got my name.

I’ve done lots of different things in my life. Work in schools storytelling. I’m doing a storytelling radio programme for children in Sierra Leone post-Ebola. It’s called Pikin to Pikin talk.

I’ve been based in London for many years now. What I like most about the city is that at any one moment I can experience the whole world around me. Where else is like that? I can’t wait for Africa on the Square. A day like this for me is about validating the contributions that African people have made, and continue to make, not just in London but really all over the world. It’s all about the different expressions, from the science to the arts.

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