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Rules & regulations

Rules and regulations




SIA Approved security staff will be on-site, please beware of metal detectors and body search.

You may be searched at the entrance or at any time while you’re on the grounds. Please comply with this request as it will only be made to ensure your safety and/or that of others. Rights of admission are reserved by Kenya in the Park.  


Age restrictions:

Children under the age of 10 Must be accompanied by an adult



Kenya in the Park has a strict anti-drugs policy. Searches will be carried out on entry and anyone found with any illegal substances will be passed to the police. This also applies to all weapons.


Belongings & Safety: 

Please keep your belongings safe. Keep your phone somewhere secure and do not leave bags or items unattended.



There will be fully licensed bars on site; alcohol is NOT permitted from customers into the event grounds or surroundings during the event day. *No glass or bottles are allowed into the festival.

Always drink responsibly. Should you be clearly suffering from the effects of excess alcohol we reserve the right to refuse further service.

Photos and videos
Please note while you are at the Kenya and Friends in the Park your images and videos will be used for publicity and  commercial purposes

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