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The two-day event provides an opportunity for all Kenyans to show the spirit of togetherness, network and share our diversity. Some members of the community are facing mental health challenges exacerbated by the rising cost of living, this event aims to empower Kenyans and other communities through workshops e.g., consular matters, immigration issues, education, business, etc, to promote Kenyan culture through entertainment, sports, fashion, games, food, music, and dance and create awareness regardless of different ethnicity, we also work towards promoting local and international trade and tourism. Promote Kenyan Entrepreneurs, Investments, and Networking, bring families together to embrace their roots and culture that helps them in their personal growth (Bridging the gap)

At the event, attendees can expect to experience a hub of culture with live demonstrations of cultural artifacts and musical instruments, led by respected elders in our community. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in traditional practices, try Kenyan delicacies, and support small businesses by purchasing hand-crafted accessories, distinct to Kenya. To bring variety to the day, there will be popular headlining artists and a leisure (play) area for kids, including Football, Basketball shootouts, and a Tug of War between the youth and the elderly. It is a socially inclusive event where we give the opportunity to the youths to show their talents. For example, Sarah Ikumu who reached the finals of Britain Got Talent Series 11 in 2017, had her first big appearance at Kenya and Friends in the Park.

Additionally, a Health and Wellness hub stall will educate attendees on prevalent health challenges in wider society such as Mental Health, Nutrition, Cancer, Diabetes, and Domestic Abuse, led by professionals This will be a way for reconciliation and healing within the community by recognizing, challenging, and addressing the barriers faced through effective, and meaningful participation while promoting community cohesion.

The event will be one to remember, boosting belonging and cohesion. We are excited to welcome all to Kenya and friends in the park.

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karibu magazine kings edition 2023


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