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What to wear in London?



Summer (June, July, and August)

Summer weather in London is sunny and hot to stormy and humid. The average summer temperature in the city averages between 13 and 23 degrees Celsius. You can make the most of this temperature by packing cute summer dresses, shorts, skirts, sandals, and strappy crop tops. Additionally, you should choose floral patterns to help you get in a summer mood. You could also pack a pair of light jeans for cooler days, plus a thin jacket and a T-shirt.

Pack colorful clothes with light fabrics, a rain Mac or thin jacket, and a light cardigan if it rains or gets colder. You don’t have to pack heavy jackets since summer temperatures in London can reach 30 degrees. Pack some heels for your evening outfit, but stay comfortable during the day with pumps, trainers, or a pair of flat sandals.

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