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Kenya in the Park 2024

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The two-day event provides an opportunity for all Kenyans to show the spirit of togetherness, network and share our diversity. Some members of the community are facing mental health challenges exacerbated by the rising cost of living, this event aims to empower Kenyans and other communities through workshops e.g., consular matters, immigration issues, education, business, etc, to promote Kenyan culture through entertainment, sports, fashion, games, food, music, and dance and create awareness regardless of different ethnicity, we also work towards promoting local and international trade and tourism. Promote Kenyan Entrepreneurs, Investments, and Networking, bring families together to embrace their roots and culture that helps them in their personal growth (Bridging the gap) more

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General info:
+ 44 747 620 9900 Ruth Dube
Stalls: +44 741 494 4464
Volunteers: +44 744 608 2958
Facebook – kenyaandfriendsinthepark
Twitter - @kenyainthepark
Instagram - kenyainthepark

Embassy- london