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Kenya in the Park 2024

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kenyainthepark flyer bus2024

kenyainthepark flyer bus2024


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The two-day event provides an opportunity for all Kenyans to show the spirit of togetherness, network and share our diversity. At the event, attendees can expect to experience a hub of culture with live demonstrations of cultural artifacts and musical instruments, led by respected elders in our community. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in traditional practices, try Kenyan delicacies, and support small businesses by purchasing hand-crafted accessories, distinct to Kenya. To bring variety to the day more

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karibu magazine kings edition 2023


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General info:
+ 44 747 620 9900 Ruth Dube
Stalls: +44 741 494 4464
Volunteers: +44 744 608 2958
Facebook – kenyaandfriendsinthepark
Twitter - @kenyainthepark
Instagram - kenyainthepark

Embassy- london