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Kenya in the park 2018

Kenya in the park, is a new project which has been set up by Malaika Dance Unique, Massai World Market and supported by Kenyans in the United Kingdom



Kenya in the park, is a new project which has been set up by Malaika Dance Unique, Massai World Market and supported by Kenyans in the United Kingdom; the project will involve having an annual event with an aim of taking it to different countries. We draw a lot of inspiration from our National Anthem. We are encouraged to live in peace, love and unity, which is the very basic intention of Kenya in the Park. We explore the “Plenty” (National Anthem) our country can and has to offer without prejudice. Kenyans are resilient people.

Despite the challenges thrown their way, they always find away to move on. Unity is strength and Kenya in the park offers an opportunity for all Kenyans to be together again, network and foster the feeling of belonging, and that includes all Kenyans as Kenya is a diverse country. We have seen a lot of one sided Kenya for a long time in the Diaspora but it’s time for us Kenyans to embrace all Kenyan ethnicity, culture and background, not forgetting Kenyan Somalia’s, Kenyan Indians and People from the North just to mention a few. After which according to the success of this event we are looking of doing AFRICA IN THE PARK, Which a lot of people are already asking us for.

Our Mission is to:

  • Unite all Kenyans in the UK.
  • Brand and trade Kenyans Pride at its best.
  • Provide a platform to empower Kenyans through workshops e.g. consular matters, immigration issues, education, business etc.
  • Promote Kenyan culture through entertainment, sports, fashion, games, food, music and dance.
  • Youth empowerment with the first ever black Kenyan Director in Britain.
  • Promote local and international trade and tourism.
  • Promote Kenyan Entrepreneurs and Networking.
  • Create awareness regards to different Ethnicity in Kenya.
  • We aim to combine technology and creativity to provide a fun magical adventure through a display set up space. (Projection artwork) bringing Kenya to London, something that has never been done before.

We aim to pave a way for reconciliation and healing within the community promoting the spirit of togetherness, by recognizing, challenging and addressing the barriers to full, effective and meaningful participation, while promoting community cohesion.

This project is scheduled to launch this year and it will be the first ever Kenya
in the Park to be held in the UK. The event will be hosted by Malaika Dance Unique and Taifa Radio FM, with Lydia Tett Olet being the main organizer of the event. The event will be supported by a couple of organizations and individuals who want to see Kenya in the Park a success and progression into the years to come.

Our Aim is to:

  • Most importantly we want to provide Kenyans and friends of Kenya with an experience of a life time. (Kenya in the UK)
  • We aim to recognise different people in each community that have achieved great things for Kenya and have been forgotten.
  • We aim to educate and empower the community by providing different platforms through activities as we come together embracing our different cultures, traditions and ways of life.
  • We are putting everyone in mind in terms of prices thus our minimal and very affordable prices hoping to encourage a big mass of families, we have lots of different workshops which are all free, while Food and different activities e.g face painting or bouncy castle are being monitored to suit the cost of individuals.
  • With the entire educational package offered, through free advice and consultation nobody will leave the event the same way they came. And that is our biggest hope we are aiming to achieve.
  • Kenya in the Park is one of a kind compared to other countries in the park we have attended. It’s not only about having fun, but education, empowerment and knowledge being imparted.

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