Our Patrons are:

Mayor of Barking and Dagenham (Miss Elizabeth Kangethe)
Greenwich Television
Pauline Long of BenTV.
Julius Mbaluto of Informer East Africa and BBC.
Gulu Anand (Owner of Brilliant Restaurant)

Our Supporters:

  • Youth League UK.
  • Mayor of Barking and Dagenham (Miss Elizabeth Kangethe)
  • Pauline Long of BenTV.
  • Hon Secretary of Kenya Society (Sheila Gatonye)
  • Julius Mbaluto of Informer East Africa and BBC.
  • Reverent Edwin Kibathi (PCEA UK OUTREACH)
  • Shamlal Puri of the standard newspaper.
  • Kass London FM
  • Gulu Anand (Owner of Brilliant Restaurant)
  • Mr. Seed (Head of Media)
  • Massai World Market.
  • Kenya Community Rebuild.
  • Stessy Nyaga (The president of youths in the Diaspora)
  • Amina Amzal of New ham Caribbean Center.
  • Eric Ocheing (The Kenyan British Boxer)
  • Dan Thea Wa Riri Patron of Mau Mau Justice Network. Author of Justice For Freedom Fighters. Dan was also the First Black Kenyan man to be a Director in Britain.


Date of event: 29th August 2015

Event Name: Kenya in the Park 2015

Theme: Celebrating Kenyan Culture, Pride and Networking.

Venue: East London Rugby and Football Club, 71 Holland Road, London E15 3BP.

Time: 11am – 8.00pm.


For progress, Marketing and Promotion Purposes we have been featured in Kass Weekly Fm already and our press launch is due soon.

The event has also been posted on the Kenya High Commission Website, on the upcoming events in the Diaspora.

Featured on the Informer East Africa Newspaper.

And also on Mr.Seed website that promotes and talks about Kenyans in the Diaspora.

This event aims to attract more than 4000 individuals and to provide a platform for Kenyans and friends of Kenya to network professionally, Spiritually, Economically and Socially. We will strive to be in line with the role of Ministry of Tourism as a promotional organization to increase foreign tourist arrivals and stimulate the growth of local trade and tourism. We will also provide a platform for our youths to showcase their talents in sports, beauty, Arts, culture, fashion design and entrepreneurship in line with government’s manifesto.