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Lydia Olet,Founder Kenya and Friends in the park Tel: +44 (0) 785 320 7075

Kenya in the park is a project set up by Malaika Dance Unique,  Maasai World Market and supported by Kenyans in the United Kingdom; the project involves having an annual event with an aim of taking it to different countries.  We draw a lot of inspiration from our National Anthem. We are encouraged to live in peace, love and unity, which is our main goal. Kenyans are resilient people, though faced with hurdles; they always find a way of overcoming it. Unity is strength and Kenya and friends in the park offers an opportunity for all Kenyans to show the spirit of togetherness, network and share our diversity. It’s time for Kenyans to embrace all Kenyan ethnicity, culture and background, not forgetting Kenyan Somalia’s, Kenyan Indians and Kenyans  from the North just to mention a few.




Our Mission is to:                                                                                                                               

Provide a platform to empower Kenyans and other communities through workshops e.g. consular matters, immigration issues, education, business etc.

  • Promote Kenyan culture through entertainment, sports, fashion, games, food, music and dance and create awareness regards different ethnicity.
  • Promote local and international trade and tourism.
  • Promote Kenyan Entrepreneurs, Investments and Networking.
  • Bring families together to embrace their roots and culture that helps them in their personal growth (Bridging the gap).
  • We aim to pave a way for reconciliation and healing within the community promoting the spirit of togetherness, by recognizing, challenging and addressing the barriers to full, effective and meaningful participation, while promoting community cohesion.

Success of Kenya in the Park 2015:      The biggest and ever first event that took London with a storm. An event that saw more than 3,500 people walks the ground despite the rain on the day. The event was attended by different nationalities. The pride of Africa/Kenya was branded to other communities.

Success of Kenya in the Park 2015 lead to a massive success in 2016 with more than 6,000 people in attendance. In 2017 over 7,800 in attendance with the presence of Mr Washington Oloo (Director of the office of ministry of foreign affairs Kenya).

We want to give the best and taste of Kenya. We aim to combine technology and creativity to provide a fun magical adventure for families as they enjoy the magic of Kenya. We have liaise with a media partner( AIL TV ) which will stream live the event around the world as it happens. Kenya and friends in the park has been endorsed by – Kenya High Commission UK and the foreign affairs office in Kenya.