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Taffi traditional dancers

Taffi Dancers troupe is a Kenyan and Nairobi-based traditional group, engaged in staging indigenous local rhythms and cultural music.



The Pride of Kenya & East Africa

Taffi Dancers have taken their artistic showcases beyond the Kenyan borders. They have performed at the Festival Mundial [Netherlands], International Trade Expo [Hong Kong], Tourism Trade Expo [Germany], Launch of Kenya Airways Direct Flight [Bangkok], East African Community Inauguration [Tanzania], African Renaissance Event [South Africa] and Cultural Exchange Festivals [China].  Taffi Dance troupe has also toured Italy, Dubai, Muscat, Spain, France and Belgium.

The name of the troupe is borrowed from a fish species known as Taffi – common along the vast Indian Ocean, which stretches along the Kenyan Coastal strip. This particular fish is not only served as a delicious stew but its unique features have popularized the species. Similarly, the Taffi Dancers troupe stands out among Kenya’s most sought-after traditional and cultural groups.

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